Preview of Nottelo
premium features

Premium is not available yet.

Planned features

Planned premium features


Convenient way to keep structure simple even though you have tons of data to be reached fast.

Tree view

Browse your entries fast and easily and organize them into hierarchical structure.


Every tasks has a certain stages represented by task indicator. You can see on what stage the task is.

Reccuring dates

Thanks to reccuring due dates you will never miss a report deadline or regular meetings.


Be notified about upcomings events via e-mail, inbox or by your calendar app.

Calendar sync

Sync your due dates, meetings and other events to your calendar you already use everyday.

Filter & Search

Neccessary tools for project management to handle bigger amount of data fast and with ease.

Smart tags

Sync with calendar all entries with certain tags. Tags can be also used for time or priority specification.

Lock app

Require a password to access Nottelo interface to keep your notes safe and sound.

Nottelo is still not released

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